Hi. I'm Julian Keller.

Computer Networking Student at Hochschule Furtwangen University.

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Something about me

I study Computer Networking in the fourth semester at Hochschule Furtwangen, Germany.
Currently i'm one of 4 NetAdmins of the GroƟhausberg and Albert-Schweitzer-Kolleg dorm. We handle a load of
about 584 clients, everyone is connected via Gbit ethernet. In this job i gained more skills in
Nagios/NagVis monitoring, handling level-1 support and HP ProCurve switches.

What i've done so far

If you've some question about my recent work, write me an E-Mail.


Introduction to web technology

I intruduced two semesters long new students into basic Linux skills like SSH, VIM, SCP and how they have to configure FTP server, DHCP and suchlike.


Computer Networks

Computer Networks is based on "Introduction to web technology" from the first semester. In this tutorium the students learn how set up and compile a Nagios service, how man in the middle works or other basic home network settings. Completely new is the IPv6 exercise in this semester, the students have the possibility to work with a completely native IPv6 network access. I support these students in this tutorship for about 6 months.

University Challenge

Cambridge OWASP 2014

4 universitys competed against each other. From SQL-Injections over breacking Captchas(picture and audio) to bit flipping AES. After 6 hours of breaking security mechanisms we brought the victorious house. An article can be found (OWASP Hacking Challenge Furtwangen).

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